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About Keepstone Farm

Location  Keepstone lies just outside of Berryville, Virginia, about ten miles east of Winchester in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Clarke County at 412 Russell Rd, Berryville.

Mid Field

Services  Keepstone Farm is an all season stock dog training facility, offering multiple services for herding dog owners and handlers for all breeds of stock dogs, puppies to adults, beginners to advanced level dogs, beginner to advanced level handlers.  Additionally, Keepstone offers its facilities as a venue for other canine activities. Please contact trainer Susan Rhoades, an AKC and AHBA trial judge on fees for the services listed below.

Private Lessons
Practice Sessions
Instinct Testing
Staging Venue for Other Canine Field Events

Small Fields

Livestock  Keepstone maintains its own dog-broke sheep, ducks, turkeys, and cattle for training and trialing dogs.

sheep  ducks  turkeys  cattle

Events  In addition to lessons, Keepstone provides a venue for dog trials and other dog-related events such as agility, coursing, and barn hunts, both small and large in scope. Near Winchester Regional Airport with many fine restaurants and pet-friendly hotels, Keepstone Farm is ready to host your next K9 event! See the Events planned for 2013.

Herding Trial

Facilities  For training and trials, Keepstone has 75 acres of various sized arenas and fields.  These range from a 50' round pen, 100' x 50' duck arena, a 200' x 100' area, a 325' x 225' field, to a number of larger open fields for those long outruns or other canine activities such as agility and coursing.

Big Field

For Sale  Keepstone offers Border Collies, Great Pyrenees Guardian Dogs and dog-broke livestock (sheep, ducks, turkeys) for sale, as available.  Contact Susan if interested.


signFarm Etiquette

To ensure the atmosphere is safe and enjoyable for everyone, the following are Keepstone's common courtesy and etiquette policies, which all visitors and clients are expected to honor.

--This is a sport for everyone. Help keep it a fun, enjoyable experience with camaraderie for all, from youth to elderly, beginner to advanced, amateur or professional. Leave dog politics and negative comments outside the Keepstone Farm gate.

--24-hour cancellation notice is required to avoid full charge for missed appointment.

--Lesson and visitor dogs are to be kept on leash while on Keepstone Farm grounds, unless being worked in a lesson.

--Check with trainer before starting to work stock.

--Check with trainer before entering fields with a guardian llama or Great Pyrenees guardian dog.

--Don't let your dog approach or sniff another dog without first asking the owner's permission.

--Clean up solid waste from your dog and deposit in a bag in a trash can.  Have a baggie handy in your pocket.

--If your dog is prone to nuisance barking, please take steps (visual barriers, not parking in high foot traffic areas, etc.) to discourage it.

--5 mph speed limit while on Keepstone Farm property.  Dogs and livestock have right of way. Don't assume they will get out of the way.   Many are not street-wise.

--At trials, do not sit next to or talk to the judge or scribe until the class is over.

Berryville, Virginia

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